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January 11th, 2008


Heisting II

The answer to how many people need to buy the MacHeist bundle to “unlock” Snapz Pro X: twice as many. Another 5,000 or so people will have to shell out $50—about $12 of which goes to charity—for a discounted slew of Mac software in the next 12 days for it to be worthwhile for me (and presumably a lot of other people).

Roughly. I’m not sure exactly, because these numbers don’t add up. I expect it’s the discount you get when you buy multiple bundles.

25% of 5,320 bundles at $49 per bundle is $65,170, not the quoted $57,395. The quoted “Raised for Charity” amount is more like 22% of that naïve gross total. The $7,775 disparity would be a combination of the 20% and 33% discounts, and I expect one could come up with convincing proportions of discounts to get that number. I, however, should be working.


Further heisting

Not to assume you all care about MacHeist, but two more things.

  • The bundle is $50, but in spite of saying I should be working, actually I just spent more than twice that to artificially correct a couple years of dental neglect.
  • While doing that, I realized I should probably go ahead and try the apps that have demos, even if taking mental possession means I’m more likely to buy. Unfortunately doing just that is when I tripped headlong over the fact that CoverSutra 2.0 is for Leopard only, which I’m not yet using. Not that I intend never to go to Leopard, but that’s kind of a problem for now, and CoverSutra is one of the apps I actually care about. OTOH I can still take mental possession of 1.2.