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January 10th, 2008



I was talking with authenticgeek about it yesterday, but in case you don’t follow such things: there’s another of those dubious sounding Mac software bundles on sale at MacHeist. For $50 you’ll currently get:

  • 1password, a Keychain-based password generator and manager with browser integration
  • AppZapper, a drag-and-drop program deleter that cleans up your profiles and extra application data (I use AppTrap, which watches for all apps you trash instead of requiring you delete them special)
  • Cha-Ching, a personal finance app that unfortunately lacks the web banking integration features of Wesabe or Mint
  • CoverSutra, an iTunes interface and cover art viewer that’s a little cooler than Clutter
  • TaskPaper, a to-do list app that doesn’t require you to fit your brain into GTD (but is simple enough to have been cloned into a vim configuration and a Textmate bundle)

and some alarm clock and stop motion animation (!) program.

The weird way it works is if 1,500 more people buy the pack, then all 5,000 purchasers will also get CSSEdit. I don’t care much about Pixelmator, as Acorn is more my speed, but the set would be totally worth it once it includes Snapz Pro X. (Jing is good and the screencast.com integration is nice, but it’s requiring me to upgrade to the version with ugly-ass advertising after screencasts in order to use the integration.) Unfortunately we won’t find out how many more people will have to buy the pack to “unlock” Snapz Pro X until after CSSEdit is “unlocked.”

It definitely sounds shady, but while I wouldn’t (and haven’t) bought these programs a la carte, I would probably pick up the set for $50.