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August 22nd, 2002


Hey, hey: winget day 23

Awww, yeah.

So, meanwhile, there are some other things that need doing:

  • Update functional spec to show new Progress dialog design. Instead of a list with buttons underneath, I'm making a list with a toolbar atop. Of course I haven't thought about toolbar button icons yet, so I'll have to come up with some good ones. Somehow.
  • "Get" dialog should wait for the download to begin. It can pop a dialog giving a download error if there is one, or disappear as normal and current if the download actually begins. I don't currently know how to get the error out of the wget code, either.
  • Stopping and continuing downloads. I'm not sure how safe it'd be just to halt the thread in the middle of downloading--I'd guess not very. So I'll have to find some way (system signal processing?) to abort the innermost loop.
  • Download progress state. Currently a struct Download only knows its percentage of completion, so it can't display "Queued" or "Completed" in the Progress field yet. This is tied fairly intimately with the two preceding items.
  • Per-download options. As I understand it this must be effected through changes in the wget code to not use a global struct options opt variable but rather pass a struct options* through each thread's function calls. The idea of threads is that they are multiple pipelines of execution that share a single process's memory space, so I don't think there's any way to say "use this particular thread's opt." So it needs passed as a parameter.
  • Progress bars in the Progress dialog. List view items can have images associated with them, so as long as they don't have to be square (that is, icon-like) images, this should be straightforward. Not easy, but at least straightforward.

Joshua wondered if I was going to get done this week. I might if I leave some bits out, but that only means I'm not really done: I won't feel I've succeeded unless I get at least all the features in the spec.

poofy fox

Payola, only different (Disenchanted)

Payola, only different, from Disenchanted. Allow me to put GOOD IDEA in big flashing letters. I would like to actually do this, if I thought I could find the DJs, hardware, and bandwidth. Any such nascent service would select primarily from the paid track list, doubtless, but one of the signs of success would be if the channel could afford to play more unpaid music. This would need management software developed and I'm a software developer, so I see where I would fit into the plan.