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September 20th, 2001


Missing our war date

I keep meaning to quote a passage out of Cryptonomicon, some pithy paragraph of Enoch Root's about Athena, apropos at the onset of a war. Obviously I haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully we'll just neglect to getting around to actual warfare, too.



My horoscope says to cooperate with Saturn to be stripped of flaky, flighty tendencies and free[d] to be [my] skillful, versatile self without fear of squandering [my] energy on low-priority goals. Sounds like a deal to me.

My other horoscope warns of self-protective urges... in overdrive, warns to contemplate less extreme approaches than buy[ing] [my]self an armored fighting vehicle from a military surplus seller. The point of guarding [my] sensitive psyche, after all, is to keep it in prime shape [for] visitors who'll treat it with reverence and respect. Sounds good also.


Comix et bumper stix0rz

R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties is giving away 1000 vinyl bumper stickers with Pete's immortal tagline from #3. Ooooh.

My current web comic purveyance:


Mark Osborne in Wired News

I mentioned a few times the short film More by Mark Osborne, and how its use as the visuals for the Kenna video Hell Bent totally destroys my ability to even give that song an honest listen.

Osborne has a new film (well, animated music video) in Resfest, and thusly hath been covered by Wired News. On the video issue, he says:

I had a really big struggle with that because I felt like, for anybody who knows the film, they're going to see this music video and think this totally goes against More's message. I had a really hard time because it was like, is this wrong in the long run?

Flight simulator interest

SourceForge usage statistics for FlightGear, an (the?) open source flight simulator. Note the spike in views and spike-dip in downloads after 9-11, as pointed out by Jon Berndt on flightgear-devel.