markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

terminal craziness

What errant key or cosmic ray consistently makes it impossible to switch screen tabs with ctrl-A and the number? It just prints the number, then when I hit backspace to delete the number, then it acts like I hit ctrl-A backspace instead and goes to the previous tab, whichever that is.

Even more galling is I have yet to figure it out. I just have to wait until, sometimes, after waiting long enough, it starts working again. Like I completely closed every screen tab and screen and the terminal session and iTerm, and when I logged back in it was still broken—yet in just the time it has taken to write this, it has resolved itself without explanation and works again.

After all these years I have no idea how terminals work. It's still completely high magic and I'm totally stuck whenever it breaks. It doesn't help that it's completely impossible to search the internet for keystrokes.
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