markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

I neglected to fix my firewall settings, so I can't use Radio this morning. Once again in LiveJournal-land out of necessity rather than desirability or appropriateness.

I made some comments last night about how screwed I am in my microeconomics class, which is even more so now that I've discovered I lost my book. So I'm so phenomenally fucked wrt potential exam this morning that I'm writing off the possibility as unworriable: if I have a chance on this exam, it's if it's Wednesday, to buy a new book today and be as ready as possible (which isn't even that ready) in case it's on Wednesday--the crazy-ass professor said we'd need to have a test before Thanksgiving, so now I'm hoping that's literally so.

Discussing it with Donald, I've realized the book might be in my car, which presents a quandary and an insight into how I feel about this situation: I don't want to go see, because I'd like to be screwed, and have to take this class again, and stay possibly another semester than I'd have to otherwise. I'm already resigned to at least one extra semester, simply because I've taken so many 12-hour semesters instead of working my ass off to get ahead.

I really don't want to write any more.

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