markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

I had my psychopathic apocalypse dream again.

The world is a four-story building laid out like UTC's Grote Hall: big doughnuts. The stairs are on the far corner of the building on the outside, which is different. On one level, it's kind of a really big mall because there are outdoor areas. There are stairs from level to level, inspired by the tiled-wall, rubber-mat stairs from middle school. At any rate, the world is ending.

I'm by myself, then meet my party, a few people who are trying to get out--that's the idea, is to get out before everything comes crashing down. (My party includes a rip of Ann R Key from that Robocop: Prime Directives miniseries.) It bears repeating: the building's coming down. This is the end of the world.

This time getting out meant something about placing a call outside (or at least elsewhere) with a certain paper template with teethy teeth that have to be hung right, and a particular wall outlet type plug (like a female-female extension: a little gadget with plugs on both ends) that seems messed-up (ie, the teeth holes are scrunched up next to each other), but that's just an issue of plugging the right end in. After it's plugged in, the phone plugs in, and I can talk. Pieces for this had to be acquired from the secretary (as this particular floor of the building seemed to be more Grote-ish than the others) who was a definite Paula figure. I also had to do the work in some professor's office, because otherwise the bad guy would get me.

I find out I have to get a particular object from somewhere, to help build this device. Meanwhile the bad guy, the Dennis Hopper character complete with hair from Super Mario Bros (but then, it's not exactly him, in my dream), is trying to acquire me either because a) he doesn't want anyone to escape, or b) I have special powers that allow me to escape. I think the latter, as the whole quest seems to have Matrixy, discover-your-powers riffs.

He also can control me somewhat, such as turning one of my four buttons (?) from red/right to green/left (or vice versa--I've forgotten). He's also commander of a squadron of four junk aircraft that fly around the halls in this building, hence the need to hide from him.

At one of the end points, we're in this car down in Ann R Key's home level, a mall-outdoor type place, doing something with a car to get it somewhere else. I don't remember much.

And now I have deja vu of typing that last paragraph and speaking with Ink and Lumi on SPR, and can't remember much else.

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