markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Further heisting

Not to assume you all care about MacHeist, but two more things.

  • The bundle is $50, but in spite of saying I should be working, actually I just spent more than twice that to artificially correct a couple years of dental neglect.
  • While doing that, I realized I should probably go ahead and try the apps that have demos, even if taking mental possession means I’m more likely to buy. Unfortunately doing just that is when I tripped headlong over the fact that CoverSutra 2.0 is for Leopard only, which I’m not yet using. Not that I intend never to go to Leopard, but that’s kind of a problem for now, and CoverSutra is one of the apps I actually care about. OTOH I can still take mental possession of 1.2.
Tags: coversutra, leopard, mac, macheist
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