markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Heisting II

The answer to how many people need to buy the MacHeist bundle to “unlock” Snapz Pro X: twice as many. Another 5,000 or so people will have to shell out $50—about $12 of which goes to charity—for a discounted slew of Mac software in the next 12 days for it to be worthwhile for me (and presumably a lot of other people).

Roughly. I’m not sure exactly, because these numbers don’t add up. I expect it’s the discount you get when you buy multiple bundles.

25% of 5,320 bundles at $49 per bundle is $65,170, not the quoted $57,395. The quoted “Raised for Charity” amount is more like 22% of that naïve gross total. The $7,775 disparity would be a combination of the 20% and 33% discounts, and I expect one could come up with convincing proportions of discounts to get that number. I, however, should be working.

Tags: macheist, math
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