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Firefox 3


  • The bookmark folder command Open All In Tabs inserts the tabs into the tab set instead of replacing the tabs you have open.
  • The “Would you like to remember this password?” prompt is no longer modal; it's one of those drop-down bars, so you can conveniently confirm or dismiss the option while the next page loads.
  • One other thing I forgot. But it's totally awesome.
  • Oh yeah: The heart unicode character renders correctly, so the title of this journal will stop looking like it says assert ass.


  • Selecting Copy commands like Copy Link Location doesn't fade the menu out like in Firefox 2, so it feels like the menu disappeared instead of taking your action.
  • Firefox uses a lazy copying technique instead of copying content to the clipboard immediately, so if you select and “copy” something from a tab, then close that tab, when you go to paste it you find there is nothing in the paste buffer. This completely breaks my ent shortcut. (They could still use the lazy copying technique if they hooked into object destruction so it does a real copy when the content would become unavailable.)
  • Earlier I saw some weirdness where I couldn't ⌘-L into the location bar until I closed a secondary window I had bookmarkleted open.
  • The Recently Closed Tabs menu and shortcut weren't working for me earlier, but seem to work now.
  • The ironclad rule that you should not blink a cursor at me unless you have the focus continues to be broken as it was in Firefox 2.
  • As with all major version betas, you'd have to hack your add-ons to get them to work.


Hmm: The new about:config interstitial:

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