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waveshark game

My thoughts about waveshark are heavily influenced by Animal Crossing, and it brings a thought about what the game part could be, as well. AC is a series of collection games, where you try to complete different sets of items through various means (earning bells, interacting with the characters, fishing and bug-hunting, etc). That doesn't really work for waveshark, since that would mean I'd need a creative staff to world-build, and part of what's cool about the system is you can build your own stuff.

So it makes sense (to me) that it would be a creation game. You make things, and are “scored” on measures of how awesome your things are, such as market penetration, money spent, or time spent (yay camping chairs). Or some other measure. It doesn't seem like there's a single good metric for that, which could be a problem. I guess being a creation game would make it kind of like Game Neverending, though its “creation” was more assembling existing parts than actually making something new (from what little I played it).

However, I'm not convinced there has to be a game part. Since partly the intent is to be a social mud from this century, it doesn't need to have a game attached. But maybe it would be a more effective community if there were a game (“something to do and some achievements,” at least).

I understand there's a lot of wankery on precisely this topic that I could read on the internet.
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