markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Technical methods for confrontation-free parties

Sirhan flushes, unsure how to reply. Just then an interloper arrives on the scene, pushing in between them. “Are you the curator who reorganized the Precambrian gallery along teleology lines? I've got some things to say about that!” The interloper is tall, assertive, and blond. Sirhan hates her from the first sight of her wagging finger.

“Oh shut up, Marissa, this is a party. You've been being a pain all evening.” To his surprise, Rita the historian rounds on the interloper angrily.

“It's not a problem,” he manages to say. ...

“Yes it is a problem,” Rita declares. She points at the interloper, who is saying something about the invalidity of teleological interpretations, trying to justify herself, and says, “Plonk. Phew. Where were we?”

Sirhan blinks. Suddenly everyone but him seems to be ignoring that annoying Marissa person. “What just happened?” he asks cautiously.

“I killfiled her. Don't tell me, you aren't running Superplonk yet, are you?” Rita flicks a location-cached idea at him and he takes it cautiously.... It seems to be some kind of optic lobe hack that accesses a collaborative database of eigenfaces, with some sort of side interface to Broca's region. “Share and enjoy, confrontation-free parties.”

That or turn them into a cat.

Tags: fiction, metaverses
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