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My mother's estranged mother did, in fact, die yesterday. So things are kind of strange around here for a bit, especially since the newly deceased was the only family on mom's side of whom I knew--but yesterday I met mom's aunt and cousin.

I say estranged, because that's so: my mother's mother was pretty crazy. She was not very nice to my mom, and did things after they had their major falling out like send letters to me insinuating how bad my parents were. I've never met mother's sister because mother's mother threatened mother's sister's daughter at some point, so she moved away pretty suddenly.

Anyhow, I still remember puzzling over marshmallows in Lucky Charms, playing with Matchbox-type cars and wooden blocks, making pictures with colored electrical-type tape stuff, going to the nearby Wal-Mart in her old white Mustang, a certain kind of frozen pizza that I haven't found since (but think might be Totino's), complaining about how much louder the commercials were than the shows on her tv, this pneumatic frog toy, fresh limeade, and tiddlywinks on her bed.

Life is one perpetual anyhow.

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