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eWorld 2008

I'm tired enough that I'm reading a bunch of Roughly Drafted and this sounds just pretty totally awesome, maaan:

Another idea for enhancing .Mac would be to create a virtual realm for .Mac subscribers to create 3D avatars, something between Second Life and World of Warcraft, where participants could dress up as a character, invent virtual crap, learn virtual skills, and run around in a vast virtual world blowing huge amounts of time and fake money, all while paying subscriber fees. It works for Blizzard.

Or perhaps, by injecting some intelligence into the fake world genera, Apple could create a modern eWorld, where participants could actually learn real skills, from code development to Photoshop and SketchUp tricks, and then draw and build parts, models, widgets, and applications to use and trade online.

I'm sure I would realize something like oh but it's so far outside their core competency after some sleep, but right now it's totally cool.

Tags: .mac, apple, i support this bad idea 100%, lol what, second life
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