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Social plastiche

I have a couple things I keep wanting to write about Waveshark, but I know I have a problem with these side projects, namely thinking/talking more than I code. I'll just get them out so maybe I can get back to the programming (which I haven't done at all since before I had the toolkit crisis of confidence).

1. Waveshark is kind of like a wiki, but creators of objects own things, so they can assign editing abilities to other people, which means permissions/groups/roles. While you would be able to create your own groups and roles, you'd also be able to tie in accounts on social networks and reuse those groups. So you'd prove to Waveshark that you're whomever, and then you'd be able to hide things from everyone but your LJ friends, or let your “close friends” group edit/move a particular thing. So I'd need part of what it sounds like Brad's working on I guess maybe.

2. I thought of a better name that more accurately describes what Waveshark is, at least to me. I've called it a thing-wiki, but another word for that might be plastiche. I'm all about the portmanteaus, and that's of course plastic + pastiche. It does have the disadvantage of being a real word in some languages, and the .com is squatted. Otherwise I would have already taken that as the final(er) name for Waveshark, so maybe I'll pretend it's a generic noun instead.
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