markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

I set up Radio all nice and neat so I could use it from school this morning, then forgot to tell ZoneAlarm. Gaaah.

Disney cartoon lambasts evil music-sharing, quoth The Register.

Gamers Making Retro Remakes by Andy Patrizio for Wired News. Fueled by nostalgia, fans of two classic games from the early days of computing are busy remaking them with slick 3-D graphics.... Trouble is, rights for the games are held by one of the biggest companies in the industry, Electronic Arts, which isn't too happy about grassroots revivals. A long, long time ago, Plague and I were going to make a networked fighting game ripped right from River City Ransom. But that never happened.

In the strange coincidences department, I just saw PeopleCards at ThinkGeek earlier, before finding Blather mentioned them, too. Huh.

Spacelab Transmissions is my current favorite net radio station.

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