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So it's the second day I've woken up with vague, dreamlike recollections of thrashing in bed with leg cramps, and an actual calf ache. It'd be interesting if the dreaming were really dreaming and I were inflicting psychosomatic pain upon myself, but Occam's Razor and all that. (See also Terrors of the Night at e-sheep, for a quote from Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World circa page 42. Meanwhile a) part one of The Spiders is drawing attention for its Current Situation-relatedness, and b) yesterday I finished rereading the first four books in the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy. Whee.)

I really have too much stuff to do, and that includes the little niggling things like getting an oil change, depositing pay check, not skipping Microeconomics. All the little things I try to avoid.

I have to add arbitrary audio playback to work's flightsim project, and, like a stupid moron, I said I'd have it done by next week (that presumably being Wednesday of next week when we have our weekly project coordination meeting). The code was being inexplicable already: still playing the engine sound when I commented that out, not playing sounds I added code for. It may just be a project configuration error on my part, but I'm not sure what I can do but try to compile the thing on a separate machine which is highly, highly inconvenient due to the number of parts comprising this thing, or learn to use gdb or whatever the source-integrated debugger for cygwin is. Sigh.

I still have that comparison of Radio, LiveJournal, and Drupal to work on. I still have things for the Python workshop to work on, only I have to have those done by tomorrow, since that's when the workshop is, and all. The 420 project--the Snakes and Ladders game--is over and turned in (it's #6)--but we have a new group project that needs done by Tuesday, I figure. (I was able to pull a rabbit out of my hat by using my game's event queue infrastructure in the program for the group project.) I also have the issues trying to help build and a Drupal-ized I'm trying to work out. SMT MUCK might need something frobbed, as if I didn't have enough unfinished work there. (Why am I helping there, again? I would ask, but I'm pretty much not. I'm basically on call if something decides to burst into flame: somebody will hunt me down elsemuck or email me. At least, theoretically, since that's not happened yet.)

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