markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

ugh blog design

I totally need to come up with a new design for my blog. I hate hate hate hate hate redesigning because I'm no good at it. I managed to stumble onto the current design that's half decent, and I'm not sure how.

I usually try to keep designs incredibly simple, just because I don't have the skill to pull off anything complex. The current half-decent one is a combination of selecting unusual typography, the bare minimum graphic elements (the desaturated iStockphoto sunflower from my LJ design, and a muddied Squidfingers texture for the page background), and a couple tekkiwiki things I could pull off (grouping links in lists in the center column, and putting the title under the first full post).

Right now I'd like to have something with grass, like on my Media Manager play blog, in a banner across the entire width of the top. But I don't want it stuck in a box; some full blades of grass growing up out of nothing would be ideal. I probably also want a similar glyph to put next to post titles like all the newish TypePad styles have.

Ugh, I hate designing a page. :/
Tags: blog, h8, pretty
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