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“Hello, I'm at SFO, waiting to board my flight for uh, the trip home for the holidays. Anybody that didn't know that then I'm going home for the holidays then I'm at SFO now... I packed EXTREMELY light compared to the other trips I've made and I can highly reccommend that. I have one checked bag and one carry-on, um I'm using my SixApart messenger bag, so it's finally getting some use. As opposed to that backpack I had -- I had some problems with it the last couple times I flew, actually had knives hidden in it since I had used the bag for since like middle school. And I had just putten so much.. putten so much stuff in there, I had just forgotten about it later. But um, had some unpleasant run-ins with security, but that's okay!

What I can't reccommend is arriving at the airport five hours early for your flight. I'm already three hours through that and uh, I'm kinda running out of stuff to do. It's just past nine and Pete's Coffee that is within eyeshot has closed and uh, I didn't really expect that. Somehow I thought shops would stay open in an airport, so I may have to go find somewhere else to go to find some coffee to keep me awake for the other two hours.

Uhh, I had planned ahead pretty well and had not taken my turn in Animal Crossing for the day, yet. Which was pretty easy, actually, because the last time I was playing it was this morning before I boarded the train, so it was before the store opened. Um and it was.. My apple orchard had bloomed, or fruited. So, there's a lot of trade to do for that. I managed to uh, pay off the loan for the first upgrade from that and from some fish -- uh.. I found this string fish that I hadn't seen before and it actually had two pages of text but I forgot what they were, um which was unusual -- so I think it was pretty rare. That and I had.. that and like two, two sea bass or something? And it was 20,000 bells which was nice because I only needed 15,000 to put me over the top for the.. what was it like a 125,000 bell upgrade to the.. to the house. So, I think I get another floor or another side rooms now, I'm not sure. I haven't paid attention to that. It was fun tonight, I had that to do at least.

I also have a book, Neal Stephenson's System of the World, but I might be too sleepy to actually crack that open. It's um, not inconsiderable reading. So I just thought I would jabber at you folks for a bit, hope you enjoyed it!”

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