markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Web 2.0 ingredients

Mena says*, “A teenager working on web services at Yahoo! would be ultimate Web 2.0.” That web service would have these three things:
  • Extra words in the domain name, viz. basecamphq, backpackit, sproutit, haveamint. Obviously being verbable and adding “it” is a simple solution.
  • A splash screen. The splash screen must have a tiny logo, big text, and a big, styled input box where you can enter your email address to get the launch announcement. Flock has perfected it, but anything that looks like Google but isn't a search box will do.
  • The Dashboard widget aesthetic. Beveled brushed drop shadowed rounded something. Alternately something like the Panic site. Either way, very Mac.
* Please take away my paradigmatic must-have core competencies and synergize them.
Tags: web 2.0
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