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What I did on Saturday

Dance Maniax
Dance Maniax
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Yesterday I played arcade games and mini-golf with Broken and Arito. At Golfland in Milpitas they have a Wall O' Rhythm Games that they played several of. I tried to play a round of Dance Maniax but picked a hard song so my game was only almost two full seconds. In the second arcade (the Wall O' Rhythm Games is in the first building, next to the second one) they have an In the Groove machine. plaguefox works in some capacity for the company that makes it (it's a DDR clone based on Stepmania, from the folks who brought Tux Racer to the arcade), so it was neat to see one in the wild.

We played a round of miniature golf. As Ari said after, you always forget how much miniature golf sucks by the time you want to play again. We paid $23 for 18 holes; it was $22.50 for the three of us, but there was one hole basically like Skeeball where there's a ramp up to a backboard with a hole in the middle. Hitting the ball in the hole is a special hole-in-one, so even if I weren't way behind by then I would've tried sportingly for it—but I hit way too hard and the ball flew up the ramp, over the backboard entirely, and into a bush behind it. I had to pay 50¢ for a replacement ball. Most of the holes on our course were ramps, volcanos, or ramps with volcanos at the end, so it definitely wasn't worth $23. But their arcade is cool.

Then we went back to Dave & Buster's where Arito and Broken proceeded to win 7200 tickets to get two giant dusty plush dragons hanging near the front entrance to the arcade, only to find they were cheaper than the label pinned to one's belly led us to believe, leaving about 2000 extra. I didn't get pictures of them though.

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