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I completely forgot to go to the LUG workshop we had the past weekend. That was after I missed the previous one because I felt ill that morning--so it's kind of but not really like when I missed those work meetings, but I have actual plausible reasons for the LUG stuff.

This time my reason's that my morning was off-kilter--as far as I remember, I fully planned to go to the thing as late as Friday night. (I know I did Friday morning, because I mentioned it to parent before leaving for school.) That night, my mother's estranged mother had a cerebral hemmorhage, and my mother went to the hospital anyway, the estrangement making it particularly emotionally charged. She was back when I woke up, but sleeping in, so the morning was off-kilter since she typically spoils us rotten re weekend breakfasts. I cleaned up some of the kitchen, to be extra nice. I completely did not think of the LUG workshop.

To be completely honest, I think our LUG is something of a cock-up anyhow. We've neglected to follow our constitution wrt officers, and we haven't kept the official UTC apparati abreast of our democratical selections. We meet whenever and have workshops whenever. It's a loose, organic thing--which I suppose fits the nature of free software, but it's not the best way to run an extracurricular organization.

Meanwhile I may or may not have an economics test today; if it's not today, it's Wednesday. I haven't the slightest idea what material we're supposed to have covered in that class, since I've skipped it more than not. I wouldn't be too surprised to find the test was last Friday, but I certainly hope it wasn't: I'd still rather have a 40 or 60 than a 0.

I'm also supposed to be working on the Flightgear stuff, but it's just too much for me. We're supposed to know by our Wednesday meeting what parts of the code we need to touch, but I wouldn't normally figure that out until I had written parts of it, and I haven't. I'm just now thinking we'll have to do the star thing by using a larger sky dome, one that eventually fizzles out into dark and stars, even during the day, when the vehicle's altitude is enough.

And I'd love to do nothing but fulfill my weblog community obligations, as if that'd ever happen.

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