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You're not just changing the world - you're creating it.

Take the word to the streets. Bring word of new possibilities to your brothers and sisters who toil in worlds not their own.

The evolution has come!

Vive la Evolution! Vive le!



Yes, you read that right. Starting now, Linden Lab is giving away 1000 BASIC ACCOUNTS to Second Life on a first come, first serve basis. There's no fine print*, no catches, no hidden fees, no nothing. We've even included a referral email feature (see the bottom of this message) so you can tell your friends, or join with a group.


Downstairs in the lower level there was a bit of a commotion. Mall security was trying to herd someone out the door, a young flashily dressed woman. She was yelling something, and Doug strained to hear what she was saying.

“You can’t control me!” she was saying, her lipsticked lips twisting with rage. The security guard held up a placating hand, the other hand on his gun. “No, fuck you! I’m not leaving ’til I get what I want!”

The security guard, a smile on his face, stepped towards her with his hand still outstretched. She grabbed his wrist and, with a scream, twisted it around until she had him in a headlock. Suddenly, she had the other guard covered with a gun that looked absurdly big in her hand. She frantically waved it around, sending the mall patrons scattering.

Doug grabbed Olivia and yanked her away from the rail.

The woman hit the guard she had in a headlock with the butt of her gun, and he stopped struggling. The other guard lifted his hands, his eyes wide in shock. “I want it for free!” she screamed at him.

Doug sighed and let go of Olivia, feeling silly. Olivia scampered back to the rail and watched.

The guard shook his head, and the woman shot him in the eye. His body folded like a house of cards. His head hit the ground with a wet splick! and blood seeped around his head. It looked, from Doug’s top-down angle, like a red halo.

The woman, kicking the gibbering heap at her feet, walked towards the exit. “You fucking sheep!” she yelled at the mall patrons, flicking the laser sight across their huddling mass. “You do whatever they tell you!”

The other security guard had pulled himself together and was rising to a crouching position, sliding his gun out with excruciatingly slow caution while the woman harangued the crowd.

“You pay whatever they tell you to pay. Well, fuck that —” she took a second to whip around and shoot the guard, who fell to the ground with a gaping throat wound. “Free yourself!” she yelled, shooting her gun into the air, one shot for every word: “Free — Your — Self!”

Each of the three shots loosed a silver banner that unfurled from the domed ceiling of the mall. The banners said: Self Silver Package — Now Free! — Restrictions Apply.

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