markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Yes, I said "the TPC" yesterday. I still need my PIN number changed so I can use the ATM machine, too.

In other news, the new UTC LUG page</a> is coming along swimmingly. It's a Drupal site. I guess I need to write something about the workshop on Saturday, but eh.

A partial list of things I'd like to have done but not necessarily do:

  • FlightGear work
  • Study for Economics 102 exam
  • Write short story
  • Write thoughts about Annotated Alice for weblog
  • Write Python-based MUCK server
  • Release another version of Stapler, even though I haven't done any work on it lately, but it has some changes not in the current release version--it'll probably happen this weekend, assuming my phone line starts to work when BellSouth claims
  • Switch to a non-sucking board program for The muf Den's boards; apparently some sort of submission queue would also be nice, so I may switch the whole site over to Drupal--that'd be a trip, certainly
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