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CodeCon recordings

CodeCon 2004 audio archive torrent (300 MB) is up. I listened to the first two during Gunbound last night, so I'm only up to Solipsis yet, but these are the cool sounding ones:

  • Codeville, Bram and Ross Cohen's distributed code versioning system
  • PGP Universal, “Automatic, Transparent Email Encryption with Zero Clicks” (it's a proxy device you hook in line with your gateway, automatically signs things and manages keys)
  • Solipsis, France Telecom's P2P MMOVW platform
  • GracefulTavi, “advanced” wiki software
  • Audacity, already the answer to “know a good free audio editing program?”
  • Mosuki, “Artificial Networks Naturally&rdquo—not sure what this is

But as you have to download all of them in the torrent, I may listen to a few others at random.

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