markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Reinstalled software

So, now that I've had to reinstall stuff on my corrupted zip disk, perhaps I should mention what I actually installed:

  • IrfanView, a full-featured pixel pusher with messy, shallow interface, thanks to Ezra and a residual memory of an earlier version
  • BeipMU, the closest MU*ing program to a GUIified tinyfugue, once you get the options beat down and don't mind the limited trigger system
  • TextPad, the best native Windows text editor for programming, though its syntax highlighting system leaves a liiittle to be desired: the best way to get a usable XML syntax is to say "<" and ">" are the string delimiters, which breaks when using the CDATA directive
  • PuTTY, the meterstick to which to compare Windows SSH and telnet software
  • WinAmp, standard install, with the Spilt Milk skin, though I'm open to any suggestions of good skins for shade mode

At the moment I'm trying writing LiveJournal posts in TextPad then pasting into the LiveJournal client. But that inspires the question, Why'd I bother getting the client instead of using the web site? So I dunno yet. At least a real text editor will save to disk.

Not having Radio handy means I'm more interested in what Kelly was working on, but I haven't heard a thing about it since he moved southwest for his national lab job (and he's a blog reader--hi, Kelly). I'm sure he has better things to work on at the moment, and there've been some neat goings on wrt an open weblog posting protocol (that is, Blogger's XML-RPC API). So, eh.

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