markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Phone Post: Bartleby! Information! Quick!

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“Somebody! I believe I have discovered something of great import! Write to The Imperial Scribes promptly... write this down! "I believe I have learned something of 'A Young Woman Amongst the Political Incendiaries' by Ms. E--- - by Ms. M---. I must know when this was published." Copy that down! Bartleby! Somebody! Send it to The Imperial Scribes by pneumatic tube... do not delay! I am reading the texts republished in Palm Sized Quarterly Reader and Curiosa, but it does not say when the blocks were initially arranged for Mr. G---'s Fantastic Movable Type Press. It should prove quite helpful to understand this writing if I knew when that was. Bartleby! Somebody! Write this down and send it by pneumatic tube! Send it only once, or we shan't have sufficient vaccum for return reply! Bartleby! Somebody! Write this down! Do not dally, you foppish dandy!!!”

Transcribed by: multiple users
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