markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Music, more 9.11

Surprise! More lyrics:

I still find it hard to sleep at night
Though I've been assured
We've nothing to worry about anymore
But everyone around me managed to forget
Am I the only one who hasn't gotten over this yet?
Have you, have you, forgotten about the bomb?
Have you, have you, forgotten the bomb?

In the travails of adding that song to SongMeanings, I discovered Glenn McDonald of The War Against Silence has a post-9.11 review, which of course discusses 9.11:

I believe the most terrifying aspect of these attacks is that they appear to have been carried out not so much by enemies, or fanatics, or militants, as by movie villains, who make insane and inexplicable decisions that serve no other end than furthering inane plot contrivances and increasing visceral shock value.
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