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Good [sic] morning

The first finger-chilling morning of many. Whee.

Arriving in town during yesterday morning's commute, I was behind somebody who was either drunk or senile (his--I really assume "his"--rusty pickup truck had one of those "Retired" license plates on the tailgate, amongst bumper stickers). He tried to turn off Amnicola onto that dippy exit of which I forget the name, by the Arena, but was looking for it way too early, driving on the shoulder for quite a way. Once he did find it, he selected the exit's right lane, then, turning left, turned into the left lane.

Then he turned the wrong way up the one-way highway right there and was gone.

My own attention was drifting during this morning's drive: I neglected to notice when a red light turned green, but luckily had no one behind me. I was also busy paying attention to roadside foliage on the freeway, and had to change lanes without signaling to let someone suddenly beside me on an onramp merge. Luckily there was no one else around then, either, but it's not exactly a good portent for the rest of the day.

Caught three-fourths of episode one of that PBS show Evolution. The Honors program here at the uni is showing it in a discussion group thing, and I have an edu-social function tonight, six to eight, when part two airs at eight. Don't think I'll go, though--not sure with whom from my checkered past of scholastic overachievement I'd have to deal, and I'm decidedly on the side of evolution whereas I'd expect a non-zero creationist contingent. Sure, it's a university, but it's a Tennessee university.

Seen outside a Schlotsky's: Order Bin Laden to go.

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