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Moving day

I'm finally moving that Inuyasha thread off my weblog, or at least trying to. You can see how far I'm getting here, though I suppose I should make the old page appear to continue to work, too.

  • The big chunk of work is giving FreeFilter anonymous posting; I may do this by hacking it to automatically generate a user for anyone who posts.
  • Because I'm using FreeFilter, the site is at least internally and jokingly referred to as “InuyashaFilter.” Should I title the real site that? The random kids searching for Inuyasha news won't understand it, but I don't have a better title for it.
  • I was contemplating sprucing up my own weblog with a stock photo from iStockphoto or stock.xchng, but now I'm tempted to get a dog picture for the Inuyasha page and doing a simple design around it. However all I can find would probably seem kinda silly to an Inuyasha viewer. If you Googled “inuyasha” and found a site that was text to the side of this, would you think it's funny, cute, or insulting?

Update: btw, I also got another comment to this thread. It's very interesting how these folks think of the web as an extension of television; while they have the power to write comments, it's a ghetto for the normal people, whereas anyone who actually operates a site or comes up in a search engine search is an ordained voice. These are the people who could fight against the one-waying of the Internet, but because they don't know otherwise, we'll get steamrolled.

Or maybe it's that it doesn't have “not affiliated with Cartoon Network” in big bold lettering. I don't know. I'm not sure how it's confusing.

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