markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Mindless Link Propagation

The IHT has an otherwise unremarkable article from the New York Times Service on Wiki via Wikipedia: A Polite Site for Seekers of Discursive Knowledge. Meanwhile there's an article in the Kuro5hin queue about Wikipedia, by cofounder Larry Sanger, who responds to the NYT article and elsewhat about why Wikipedia doesn't suck. At 7:39am it's +65 and -4, so it should be up any time now.

An urban speleology site, which is always a favorite reading topic. [thanks, Metafilter via Bifurcated Rivets (MeFi discussion)]

I've been waiting for Bruce Sterling's commentary on 9.11. Here's the new Viridian Note #272: Au Revoir, Belle Epoque. [thanks, the null device]

Hermaphrodite moose discovered.

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