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Interview with Elin Oxenhielm, alleged (alleged) solver of the sixteenth Hilbert problem:

In the press release you say that this could become a book like the best seller Fermat’s Enigma or a movie like Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind. Isn’t that a little overly self confident?

“If my solution is correct it’s comparable to the solution to Fermat’s enigma, which became both a book and a play.”

Tom Lehrer:

I am never forget the day my first book is published. Every chapter I stole from somewhere else. Index I copy from old Vladivostok telephone directory. This book was sensational! Pravda - well, Pravda said: perzhnavisk. It stinks. But Izvestia! Izvestia said: parachnavor. It stinks. Metro-Goldwyn-Moskva buys movie rights for six million rubles, changing title to “The Eternal Triangle,” with Ingrid Bergman playing part of hypotenuse.

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